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KATKO Fused Isolator Switches

Dalroad supply an extensive selection of industry-proven isolators also known as isolator switches and isolation switches, that are designed for ease of use in specific applications. Widely used across food processing, air conditioning, mining, power distribution, renewable energy, fire, oil and gas and marine industries, our range of isolators offer optimum safety, reliability and performance. We also only stock isolators that are fully compliant with both British Standard EN 12101-3 for smoke and heat control systems and IEC 60947-3 safety standards. KATKO's extensive range consists of safety switches, load break switches, switch fuses, and motor protection switches and safety accessories. KATKO standard isolator and safety switches range from 10 amp  to 630 amp and are available up to 1600A for special applications. Katko's isolators and switch disconnectors operating and storage temperature range from -40°C to +80°C.


  • Polycarbonate (KEM)  IP66/IP65
  • Polycarbonate (KSM)  IP67/IP65
  • ABS (KEM) IP65
  • Sheet steel (KET) IP65/IP55
  • Aluminium (KEA) IP66/IP65
  • Stainless steel (KER) IP69K/IP69/IP66/IP65
Dalroad is the sole UK authorised distributor of KATKO switch fuse and isolator products. For further information regarding specific isolators or brands, see product pages below or contact our dedicated sales teams for a quote at sales@dalroad.com

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Isolator & Switch Disconnectors

What are fused switch disconnectors?

Fused switch disconnectors are used to ensure a circuit is completely shut down for servicing or repair. By cutting off its electrical supply, they isolate a give section of the circuit, making it secure for maintenance or repair. Fused switch disconnectors contain multiple fuses within the same enclosure so that a particular part of the circuit can be easily selected and isolated.

What is the purpose of a fused switch disconnector?

Fused switch disconnectors protect workers performing maintenance on part of an electrical circuit, as well as preventing damage to the circuit itself. The advantage of using a fused switch disconnector over a non-fused switch disconnector one is that it can provide a higher level of safety compared with unfused disconnectors, as the fuse blows in the event of breaches such as short circuits or overcurrent. This makes it certain that that part of the circuit cannot have current flowing through it while being worked on.

Protecting workers who conduct part of the electrical circuit maintenance, as well as avoiding damage to the circuit. The benefit of using a fused switch disconnector over an unfused switch disconnector one is that it will offer a higher degree of protection compared to unfused disconnectors as the fuse will blow if there is a short circuit or overcurrent.

The fused switch disconnectors vary mainly depending on the type of fuse they hold, the number of poles they have and the type of terminal.

Fused switch disconnectors poles available

1 pole
2 pole
3 pole
4 pole
6 pole
8 pole

Industry applications

Many of the isolators we provide are manufactured for specific industry applications and tailored to the needs of that usage, such as:

  • PV Photovoltaic DC Isolator Switches for solar panels;
  • KER R/RS Stainless Steel Enclosed Isolators for hygienic or heavy industry requirements;
  • KEA FR / FR3 Fire Rated Aluminium Enclosed Isolators for use in harsh weather conditions;
  • Ranging up to 32 amp 1200V DC, DC21B, the isolators we supply all display good resistance to UV and corrosion



Who is KATKO?

KATKO is a family-Finnish manufacturer with over 70 years experience designing and manufacturing load break switches, switch fuses, isolators and accessories. KATKO’s products are designed to meet the highest safety requirements and performance standards while remaining environmentally friendly and easy to install.

KATKO produces a wide range of high-quality isolators, safety switches and accessories for specialist markets, including:

  • Food production
  • Air quality
  • Heavy industry
  • Hazardous and corrosive areas (ATEX/RINA certified)
  • Renewable energy
  • Control panels


KATKO Protect Your Switch


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