KVKE Switch Fuses 20-160A

Din rail and screw base mounting as standard the KVKE 20-32A, are suitable for 250mm deep panel boards. Whilst compact in size the modular structure of the KVKE 63-160A allows the position of the drive mechanism to be varied.

SWITCH FUSES 20-160 A KVKE SERIES. KATKO Switch Fuses KVKE 63-160 A ()KVKE 20-32 A is also available to purchase)


Black or Yellow/Red handle (add Y/R to description)

Auxiliary contacts are easy to install

Modular structure enables position of drive mechanism to be varied

Fuse covers included:

63-160 A includes handle LK12 and shaft L=220
200-630 A includes handle LK14 and shaft LVK=228