Automotive Connectors for Commercial, Electric, Hybrid and Off-Road Specialist Vehicles

Automotive connectors are purpose-made connectors, engineered to enable lightweighting, and more effective and efficient automotive performance across a range of vehicles made globally. From agricultural, construction and maintenance vehicles, all the way through to advanced passenger electric vehicles and hybrid trucks, automotive connectors supplied by Dalroad play a crucial role in thousands of automotive applications.

The best brands for automotive components

TE Connectivity, DEUTSCH, Sumitomo, and others are leading the way, through ingeniously lightweight yet rugged designs that are built to withstand the toughest of operating conditions. Be that for extreme conditions, inclement weather, dust, sand, mud or water, Dalroad offers a wide range of sealed automotive connectors for all sorts of applications.

DEUTSCH Connectors

DEUTSCH connectors are renowned for their ruggedness and reliability. Now owned by TE Connectivity, DEUTSCH connectors remain the industry go-to for tough specialist, commercial and off-road applications.

TE Connectivity Connectors

TE offers automotive connectors in a wide range of configurations and sizes for a huge variety of applications – ranging from board level, high-density PCB connectors, to sensor connectors and high-speed data connectors. TE Connectivity also provides a range of automotive connectors for harsh environments including bumper rear view reverse parking camera applications.

Sumitomo Connectors

Sumitomo Electric Industries offers a range of solutions for high-voltage, waterproof RF and power connector applications. They exceed global automotive design standards, while offering easy installation, making them the obvious choice for small-to-medium scale production volumes.

Which connector is right for your application?

Dalroad stocks a wide variety of automotive connectors with a comprehensive range of different types, shapes and configurations available to purchase or order.

We recommend using your application as the starting point when choosing a connector. It’s important to understand the needs of the system you are working with and consider the appropriate connector based on its role – does it transfer data, distribute power, or connect sensors, for instance? Then, consider the environment the connector operates in. Will it need to withstand high, low, or quickly-changing temperatures? What about vibrations? Will the application likely be exposed to moisture? Choose a connector that provides the right level of protection from the environment. For high levels of ruggedness, perhaps in a bulkier form, consider a solution like the DEUTSCH HDP20 series, or, for a lightweight motorsport application, the DEUTSCH DT Series offers a solution to suit the lightweight needs of racing. With that in mind, the technical specifications ought to be your next consideration. The voltage rating, current capacity and size of the connector will be detailed in the automotive connector’s specification. For more information, or to see specs at a glance, download the DEUTSCH Connector Product Guide for Industrial and Commercial Vehicles.

Expert support and advice from Dalroad

Dalroad’s team of expert in-house engineers are on hand to support you in every stage of the process. When you have an idea of the connector you need in mind, check in with us for piece of mind, design and assembly advice, and to get tooling. With Dalroad, you can always be sure of unbiased, independent advice.