TE (HEMS) Electric Vehicle Connectors, Terminals, Relays and Charging Solutions

TE Connectivity Hybrid and Electric Mobility Solutions (HEMS) include high voltage terminals, relays and connectors, high voltage cable assemblies, charging inlets and charging cables. Connecting and protecting the flow of high voltage power, TE HEMS range provide vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with high voltage EV connectivity solutions.

Authorised Distributor of TE Connectivity

AMP+ Charging Coupler Cable Assembly Type 2

AMP+ Charging Inlet Type 2 (EU VERSION)

Mini K HV V23700

AMP+ EVC 135 Main Contactor

KILOVAC EV200 Series Contactor

EV 200

AMP+ EVC 250 Main Contactor

TE EVC 250 contactors

AMP+ EVC 500-500L Main Contactor

AMP+ HVA280 Headers & Connectors

TE HVA280 Discrete Headers & Connectors

AMP+ HVA630 Connectors & Headers


AMP+ HVP800 Connectors & Headers

Dalroad | Official suppliers of HVP800 connectors and headers.

AMP+ IPT Shielded Ring Tongue Terminal – IPT

AMP+ IPT Shielded Ring Tongue Terminal – IPT

AMP+ HVP-1100 Connectors & Headers

TE HVP1100 Connectors & Headers

AMP+ Service Disconnect SD 125

TE SD125 Service Disconnect

AMP+ Manual Service Disconnect (MSD)

TE Manual Service Disconnect


With more than 50 years experience in the automotive industry, TE Connectivity have engineered a powerful range of EV solutions. Powerful, safe and reliable the TE Connectivity EV AMP+ line of cables, connectors, harnesses and terminals is field proven in the industry.