AMP+ EVC 500-500L Main Contactor

TE's EVC 500 main contactors provide fast and reliable switching of the high voltage battery to the vehicle system in hybrid and electric vehicles. The compact contactors offer 900VDC and 500 Amps continuous current carrying capabilities. The contactors are capable of 2000 Amp interrupt at 320 VDC. Evolved from fighter jet technology, the high voltage contactors provide current switching capabilities in harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of contacts during long periods of non-operation. The EVC 500 contactor is designed with an optional built micro-controller or timer-based coil economizer.

Further information

Part Number Part Code Coil Voltage Coil Termination Connection Hardware
2098372-1 EVC500-A1ANAM 12 VDC (external economizer required) 15 in (380 mm) stripped wire Included
2098190-1 EVC500-AAANAM 12 VDC (with economizer)
2138806-1 EVC500-AAANAN None
2203115-1 EVC500-BAANAM Included
EVC500 Contactor

Key benefits

  • Limiting break current up to 1,560A

  • Hermetically sealed

  • 500 Amp continuous current rating

  • Voltage rating (max): 450 VDC

  • Compact package

  • Fast high voltage interrupt capability

  • Optional built-in coil economizer

  • Robust bottom mounting with optional economiser enclosure