Lear is a global leader in managing electric power and signal distribution within ICE-based vehicles and electric vehicles (BEV, PHEV and HEV). To expand its electronics and electrical distribution systems (E-systems) business, Lear Corporation acquired GHW Grote & Hartmann GmbH, a manufacturer of electrical components, in 2004.


The development of new connector systems often runs parallel to a customer’s development of a new product. This process involves a high level of financial commitment over a long period of time. Basic research is an important main requirement for new and further development of our connector systems and their further processing.


At LEAR, quality begins in the planning and development phase and is pursued through all stages of production up to the finished product which is ready for dispatch. This means that Lear have an integral understanding of quality. LEAR offers top-quality connection possibilities for a vast number of applications, including: in vehicles, domestic appliances, in industrial open-and-closed-loop controls, in telecommunications and in home entertainment electronics.


Lear manufacture and sell electromechanical components:

Terminals, housings, power distribution boxes, fuse boxes and other products.


Dalroad supplies the complete range of Lear terminals and connectors from Lear’s E-Systems portfolio.


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