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Corcom EMC/RFI Filters

TE Connectivity offers over 300 solutions for EMC/RFI problems associated with susceptibility, as well as compliance with international emissions standards. Corcom filters are available in a wide range of single and 3-phase designs as well as IEC inlet and power entry modules which can combine several functions to reduce cost, space and labour. Solutions are also available for DC applications and applications requiring extremely high performance with feedthrough filters and capacitors for a wide range of applications.

Authorised Distributor of TE Connectivity


TE’s range of market-leading EMC filter technologies and solutions serves a worldwide market from industry to medical clients. A large selection of off-the-shelf filters and already-proven special filters are available, in order to provide an optimal solution for noise reduction problems. TE Connectivity also offers the possibility of developing a custom-designed filter specially tailored to customers’ requirements.

IEC Plug Filters – Power Entry Modules
• Broad range current and performance capabilities
• For the most severe environmental applications
• High-frequency filters
• For Tempest applications to protect confidential information
• IEC connectors, wires leads, and .250 (6.35) or stud terminals available

Single-Phase Filters
• Includes a wide range of connection and attenuation properties
• Consumer electronics, motors, drives, inverters and switching power supplies

Three-Phase Filters
• Typical application areas are control cabinet, plus all types of power converter applications
• 3 and 4-wire filters for a range of 3 to 900A

Heavy Power Line Filters
• 100 dB of attenuation from 12 kHz -10 GHz
• Standalone and NEMA I style facility filters
• Designed in accordance with MIL-F-15733
• UL listed in accordance with UL 1283
• High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) products available

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