DEUTSCH DT Detector Series

Introducing the DEUTSCH DT Detector Series

The TE Connectivity Detector Connector is part of the DEUTSCH DT Series, a line of automotive-grade electrical connectors built ruggedly for harsh environments. The series is exemplary of the DEUTSCH connector series, accommodating extreme temperature conditions and meets all relevant industry standards. This includes a UL94-V0 rated housing, UL94-HB rated seal materials, IP67 and IP6K9K dust and water resistance when used with backshells.

The DEUTSCH DT Detector Series combines the reliability of the DT Family with innovative diagnostic capabilities, making it a superior choice for applications requiring precise connection diagnostics and robust environmental sealing.

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DT Detector Series Modifications

The series offers colour-coded wedgelocks for operating voltages of 12VDC and 24VDC, enhancing user convenience and safety. Part numbers like DT06-2S-SDT-CE27 and DT06-2S-SDT-CE28 highlight the range’s versatility, catering to diverse application needs.

DT P012 Plug Modification

DT C015 "E" Seal

DT E003 Modification

E004 Modification

E005 Modification

E007 & E008 Modification

Flange Modification

DT Detector Series Technical Specifications & Drawings

The DT Detector series is an innovative extension of the DEUTSCH DT series, is designed for enhanced troubleshooting efficiency with a 2-way plug that features a transparent housing and a wedgelock with an integrated LED in 12 or 24 volts. This environmentally sealed plug allows for visual power confirmation, aiding in diagnosing issues in hard-to-reach areas.


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Dalroad is proud to be the official distributor of TE Connectivity products to the United Kingdom and Ireland. TE Connectivity is the company behind DEUTSCH, the leading automotive connector brand. We not only distribute TE products, but we deliver first-class support, direct from product and automotive electronics experts.

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