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TE Hybrid and EV Charging Solutions

TE's AMP+ charging inlet Type 2 is a modular system that is interchangeable with other inlets, with minimum impact on the body of the hybrid or electric vehicle. A smart assembly method uses a small number of parts and provides finger protection on power contacts. The charging inlets are validated and certified according to IEC 62196-1 and IEC 62196-2. Type 2 offers an optional connector locking device and a 90-degree wire exit that can be rotated. TE's AMP+ charging cables for hybrid and electric vehicles are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the international charging standard IEC 61851-1/-22. This standard defines several types of on-board vehicle interfaces such as type 1 for North America and Japan and type 2 for Europe with two charging modes including any wall power outlet, at home for example, and high-performance charging stations. Type 2 meets the IEC 61851-1 and IEC 62196-1 standards and specifications.

Authorised Distributor of TE Connectivity


Hybrid and EV Charging Solutions

Smart charging solutions enable customers to meter their EV’s electricity consumption and communicate data via innovative smart charging cords and inlets. You supply the shell, we’ll supply everything else. TE has everything it takes to create your charging solution. From cables to contactors, meters to card readers, screens to sockets, we’ve already solved how it all goes together.

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