DEUTSCH HD10 Connector Family

Introducing the DEUTSCH HD10 Series

The DEUTSCH HD10 Series, by TE Connectivity, is a line of environmentally sealed circular connectors. Designed for harsh environments, the HD10 series is built from a rugged thermoplastic material, making them perfect for hard industrial, commercial and agriculture applications.

The HD10 Series is available in in-line and flanged variations, and accepts either size 12 or size 16 electrical contacts. Additionally, they accept a combination of size 16 and size 4 contacts, offering much more versatility than other circular options available on the market.

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The HD10 Series is a versatile connector series, powering connections in engine, transmission, controllers, and data link applications. The versatility is provided by an optional flange mounting, the option of multi-pin designs, low costs and greater design flexibility. Owing to their design, they enable automotive designers to use multiple size contacts, all within a single shell.

HD10 Series Technical Specifications & Drawings

The HD10 Series accepts contacts sized: 4 (100 amps), 12 (25 amps), & 16 (13 amps). The series offers 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 cavity arrangements, with in-line, flange and PCB mounting options. Get the full technical specifications, drawing and assembly instructions below.


DEUTSCH HD10 Series Overview

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