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Specialist resources for designers & engineers

How EC fans make buildings more efficient and cost-effective

1st October 2020
LS Inverter drives (variable speed drives)

Variable Speed Drive Finder

2nd January 2020
TE Deutsch Connectors

Automotive Connectors – Industry Guide

2nd December 2019
S100 variable speed drives

Energy Saving Solutions made Easy

25th November 2019
Save energy VSD

Helping to meet ASC’s Variable Speed Drives

6th November 2019
Jokon Lighting Systems

The importance of vehicle lighting and wiping systems

3rd October 2019

What does automation mean for specialist EV designers?

29th August 2019

How new components are improving high voltage EV safety

21st August 2019

TE Connectivity’s new components for high voltage EV

12th August 2019

48V systems: powering electrified specialist vehicles

5th August 2019

New survey reveals the path to self-driving cars

24th July 2019

4 technologies that are surging power demands in vehicles

15th July 2019

Jaguar Land Rover calls for UK-based gigafactory

5th July 2019

Innovations in electric vehicle battery technology for specialist vehicles

25th June 2019

EV component guide for a high voltage future

5th June 2019

What can specialist EV designers learn from Tesla, BMW and Chevrolet?

12th May 2019
What’s spurring innovation in specialist EV components?

What’s spurring innovation in specialist EV components?

17th April 2019
Electrification challenges for specialist vehicles

Electrification challenges for specialist vehicles

3rd April 2019
48 volt: what it is and why it’s important

48 volt: what it is and why it’s important

14th March 2019
EV Charging Station

The state of electric vehicle regulations: what you need to know

25th February 2019
Diesel pump

Are diesel vehicles ready for full electrification in 2019?

15th February 2019
Crimped Terminals

Six rules for quality crimp termination

8th December 2018
EV Chargers at charging station

An introduction to electric vehicle rapid charging standards

26th November 2018

Why quality crimping is essential in specialist electric vehicle projects

18th October 2018

Specialist vehicle electrification: Four key engineering challenges

14th September 2018
TE Connectivity EV Charging cable VW car

What does the future hold for electric vehicle connectors?

30th August 2018
TE Connectivity charging plug

A brief introduction to: electric vehicle connectors

21st August 2018