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The Sumitomo Electric Industries Group Automotive products include electrical and electronic systems, brake systems and activator components, manufactured and distributed through a global network in over 24 countries worldwide, employing over 60,000 people.


Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems is responsible for supplying around 20% of the world’s automotive EDS market.


Sumitomo’s range of automotive connectors, interconnection systems and fuse boxes. Sumitomo Electric’s compact, high-reliability connector range can be used in severe environments such as excessive heat, extreme cold and vibrations and meets various customer needs.



HV/HVG Sealed Series


TL Series

TL Sealed Series


Sumitomo RS Series

RS Series


Door Connector

Door Connectors


US Unsealed series

US Unsealed Series


US Sealed Series

US Sealed Series


SEWS TS Series

TS Series


SEWS SL Series

SL Series


SEWS TS Sealed Series

TS Sealed Series


SEWS SL Sealed Series

SL Sealed Series


SEWS MT Series

MT Series


SEWS NH Series

NH Series


SEWS MT Sealed Series

MT Sealed Series


SEWS HX Sealed Series

HX Sealed Series


SEWS HW Sealed Series

HW Sealed Series


Sumitomo HM sealed series

HM Sealed Series



HFC Series


SEWS HE Series

HE Series


SEWS HD Series

HD Series


SEWS DL Series| Sumitomo Connectors

DL Series


SEWS DL Sealed Series

DL Sealed Series


SEWS 91 Sealed Series

91 Sealed Series


SEWS 91 Series

91 Series


SEWS-E logo Open Site

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