The MT connector series has a 4mm terminal pitch between terminal poles. This series consists of a 090 type (090, 250 and 305 types for the hybrid model) classified according to terminal size, supporting use in a variety of control circuits and low power circuits.

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Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Europe (SEWS) is responsible for the design, manufacture and supply of fuse boxes and electronics, wiring harnesses and connectors to most of Europe’s leading motor manufacturers. Working in close collaboration with their group resources in Japan, Sumitomo pursues an aggressive research and development strategy to produce innovative, high-technology products.
Sumitomo’s commitment to unsurpassed product quality, superior service, unbeatable value and customer satisfaction makes Sumitomo the natural choice for the European automotive industry.

SEWS MT Series

Key benefits

  • These connectors can be directly secured to a support on the car body