Variable Speed Drives (Inverter Drives)

Using added value, cutting-edge technology, our range of variable speed drives can save energy, cut costs and improve profit margins. Variable speed drives from LS Electric, formerly known as LG Industrial Systems, are next-generation industrial automation solutions that produce optimum results, both in performance and energy efficiency and are ideal for controlling the speed of pumps, fans, conveyor systems  machine tools. LS Electric have been providing innovative variable speed drives to the industrial market since 1974 and deliver field-proven solutions developed through continuous research. The range stocked by Dalroad includes the iG5A, iS7, S100 (IP20 and IP66), H100, M100 and the latest to the range the new G100. Dalroad is the sole UK distributor of LS Electric variable speed drives. For further information regarding specific inverter drives or brands, see product pages below or contact our dedicated sales teams for a quote.