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Electrical Connectors for Automotive Manufacturers

TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH Connectors are the first choice for electronic connectivity solutions in the automotive industry. As outstanding rugged and sealed connectors, they offer reliable performance to connectivity and sensor applications. DEUTSCH connectors are available in over 20 series, with ranges catering to all wire sizes and current ratings.

Launched in the 1950s as a connector system for the United States Navy and Air Force, DEUTSCH connectors are now used universally. Now, they are chosen in automotive, aerospace, defence and other specialist applications the world over. DEUTSCH connectors are rugged, reliable and withstand harsh environments. As sealed connectors, they thrive in applications where dirt, moisture, dust, salt spray and abrasion are common occurrences.

Industry-leading connectors from DEUTSCH

Dalroad is the leading distributor of DEUTSCH connectors in the United Kingdom. We offer expert technical support, integration advice and supply all of the leading DEUTSCH connector systems to the United Kingdom. We support automotive manufacturers across the country in applications ranging from high-voltage electric vehicles, to specialist battery-hybrid vehicle design and commercial electrification vehicles. Learn more about the leading ranges of DEUTSCH connectors.

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TE Authorised DEUTSCH Distributor

Dalroad is a proud partner of TE Connectivity, the manufacturer and company behind DEUTSCH Connectors. As a partner, we are able to provide dedicated support, direct from the manufacturer, to you. We stock, distribute and wholesale every product in the DEUTSCH range, making us the choice partner for DEUTSCH customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know the DEUTSCH family of connectors. With more than 20 different series and 30,000+ components offered by DEUTSCH, there are a wide variety of solutions available for every application.

What are DEUTSCH Connectors?

DEUTSCH connectors are ruggedised, sealed connectors that protect electronics from dust, debris, and vibrations. They are often used in automotive, aerospace and other specialised applications.

What applications are DEUTSCH connectors used in?

DEUTSCH connectors were invented in the 1950s, specifically for the US Navy and Air Force. First used in fighter jets, DEUTSCH connectors are versatile and can now be found in all sorts of electric vehicle, automotive, commercial/specialist vehicle applications and beyond.

Are DEUTSCH connectors dirt, moisture and vibration resistant?

Yes. DEUTSCH connectors are designed to reliably perform in every environment. They are humidity and temperature resistant and built to withstand weathering, corrosion and heavy vibrations.

Are DEUTSCH connectors suitable for compact automotive applications?

Yes. DEUTSCH connectors are designed and available for all kinds of automotive applications. From high-voltage powertrain and battery applications, to compact, miniaturised applications for on-board systems and much more.

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