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TE Connectivity (TE) is a world manufacturing leader of relays, offering innovative relay products of consistently high quality and system solutions. TE offers relays and contactors designed to satisfy the diverse needs of these markets. Whether you need commercial off-the-shelf products, components that must meet stringent military specifications or highly specialized, custom-designed products, look to TE to meet your requirements. As demand for product performance increases and equipment size and weight becomes smaller, the importance of different mounting styles and high current and switching capacities becomes more critical in product design. Reinforced insulation, high mechanical endurance, and lower power consumption are all necessary to ensure competitive performance and a high degree of relay reliability.

Industrial Relays



What are relays


A relay is electromechanical switching device that uses a coil to generate a magnetic force to mechanically operate an electric contact. When a small electrical current is applied to a relay, it can switch on a much larger current in the application it is being used in. Contactors operate in the same way as relays, but are used in higher-power applications. Solid state relays operate in a different way, using a semiconductor based switch.

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