At Dalroad, we are an authorised distribution partner of TE Connectivity. The AMP + IPT provides 360-degree EMC shielding and wire-to-device capabilities and is specifically designed for electric vehicle applications. Optimised for harsh or high-vibration environments, this electric vehicle terminal is available in ratings up to approx 200A, depending on the wire cross section, at 105°. The AMP + IPT Shielded Ring Tongue enables easy and flexible adaptation of the Internal Power Terminal to various usages. The IPT is available in 1-, 2- or 3-pole housings. The screwed ring tongue can be applied on different length cables, according to the needs of the customer. The IPT robust housing design and screwed aggregate connection help this product achieve a high level of vibration performance. The ring tongue wire range is 25-50 mm2 and has a rated voltage between 800VDC and 1.000V DC depending on distance between ring tongue and shielding. The IPT is suited for use in e-motors, inverters or batteries for hybrid or electric vehicles. The ring tongues have a wire cross-section of 16.0mm2 - 50.mm2 LV216-2.