Force Majeure

Force Majeure Notification


Dear Customers and Partners,

I am writing to confirm that the following supply challenges remain with us:
· Global logistics disruption and delay resulting from the impact of Coronavirus.
· Significantly increased global demand for the product, exceeding our capacity to supply.

These factors have already resulted in significantly extended lead-times for a range of products.
Additionally, Dalroad has received notification of raw materials shortages from resin and metals suppliers due to a combination of difficulties in their own supply chains. Due to these collected circumstances, beyond our reasonable control, Dalroad must advise that it may not be commercially or practically possible to continue to meet all customer expectations.

This, therefore, constitutes Force Majeure and consequently, Dalroad cannot accept responsibility for any resulting line-down or other related supply chain costs. Despite all of these challenges, our teams remain fully committed to negotiating the best available outcome for our valued customers. We will continue to work closely with our supply chain to overcome shortages and difficulties for you wherever we can.

We look forward very much to being able to return to our normal high levels of service and support.
In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your continued patience and understanding during this very challenging time.

Christina Commock
Sales Office Manager


TE Connectivity (Southern U.S.) Force Majeure

TE Connectivity (Western Germany/Belgium) Force Majeure

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