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Sumitomo Connectors

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Europe (SEWS-E) is a leading supplier of fuse boxes, electronics, wiring harnesses and connectors to leading motor manufacturers. Delivering the highest performance in harsh environments. Sumitomo connectors are field proven to function in water, vibration, electromagnetic interference and extreme variations in temperature; meeting the demands of the automotive field. Ergonomically designed for cars and motorbikes, the Sumitomo Automotive Connectors supply connectors for doors, USBs, under bonnets and more. Available in varying connector variants - Sumitomo connectors produce male, female, sealed and unsealed connectors. As well as inline connector housing, PCB connector housing and device connector housing. Creating the optimum automotive connector solutions, Sumitomo provide high quality automotive connectors.

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Click here to download the Sumitomo Connector Catalogue

Safety, amenity and functionality, measure the essential performance of a vehicle and these predominately depend on in-vehicle electronic controls.

A variety of car electronic devices are systematically connected with each other using ‘automotive connectors’ and the connectors for this purpose are required to be smaller, lighter and provide direct connection and advanced performance.

Delivering the full range of Sumitomo connectors, Dalroad supply the Sumitomo TS sealed series, HV/HVG sealed series, HX sealed series RS series, TL sealed series, SL sealed series, DL sealed series, TS series, HE series, NH series, SL series, DL series, HFCⅢ series, US series, US sealed series and the door series.


As well as the full Sumitomo connector range, we also supply the Sumitomo connector accessories; Body fastening clamps, Covers, Grommets, Shipping Caps, TPA, Bracket (Support) and Bracket Holders.


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