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TE Schrack Safety Relays

TE Schrack range of forcibly guided relays safeguard devices by providing stopping and starting safety executions, with minimal effort. Safety relays constantly examine and verify the safety of machinery and execute start and stop commands. Controlling rail applications including safety doors, elevators, emergency stops and more. TE’s Schrack safety relays provide high performance, reliability and certified according to EN50205 regulations.

Authorised Distributor of TE Connectivity


TE Schrack range of forcibly guided relays – Typical applications include emergency shut-off, press control, machine control, elevator and escalator control, safety relays.


control circuits ensure switching into a fail-safe condition.
Forcibly guided contacts monitor the function of the
safety control circuits.

Product Features

  • A range of safety relays to EN50205
  • Includes the innovative SR6 low profile 6 pole safety relay
  • Suitable for signalling where safety is paramount
  • Mechanically-linked contacts prevent normally open
    and closed contacts from being closed simultaneously
  • PC board and DIN mount models
  • 2, 4 and 6-pole configurations

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