TE Automotive Relays

Dalroad supply a range of OE quality automotive relays, from micro relays to power relays, for various automotive applications, including wiper or fan motors, central locking, gasoline pump and more. We work with world-leading manufacturers, including TE Connectivity, Autoelectric and Bosch automotive relays. Based upon the principle of switching higher current circuits using smaller current circuits, automotive relays are a fundamental component of automotive systems, responsible for closing or separating electrical circuits in a number of places in the vehicle. They are used extensively throughout automotive electrical systems. Using automotive relays for a variety of vehicle applications costs significantly less than high current capacity wiring and switches by minimising the requirement for expensive components. Bosch supplies a comprehensive range of small, micro and power relays to suit every vehicle model, including older and classic models. One of the world’s best-known manufacturers, Bosch guarantees durability and reliability with every automotive relay. TE Connectivity’s high performance automotive relays include field proven high current relays as well as single, double and latching PCB relays for applications including ABS control, car alarm, engine control, fuel pump, main switch/supply relays and more. Autoelettric specialise in the manufacture of automotive relays for various applications including timer relays, power relays and heavy duty relays. To learn more about our range of automotive relays, view the product pages below, or if you would like to request a quote, please contact our dedicated sales team.