DEUTSCH DTSK Series Connectors

DEUTSCH DTSK Connector Benefits

The DEUTSCH DTSK Series, by TE Connectivity, is a series of rugged sealed power interconnects. They are designed for ease of use, as single-pole connectors designed for inline and pass-through power applications. Made from an industrial-grade thermoplastic encasing, the connectors accept Ø8mm contacts rated to 125 amps.




for power applications

High power

rated to 125 amps


environmentally sealed

DTSK Connector Specifications

The DEUTSCH DTSK Series connectors are rated for 125 amps using 35mm² wire, and offer robust environmental protection with IP68 and IP69K ratings. Designed for a maximum voltage of 250VAC/VDC, they operate effectively in a wide temperature range from -55°C to +125°C, as detailed in their specific product and application specifications.

Featured Part Number(s)

  • Key A, Gray: DTSK06-1-08SA (Plug Housing), DTSK04-1-08PA (Receptacle Housing)
  • Key B, Black: DTSK06-1-08SB (Plug Housing), DTSK04-1-08PB (Receptacle Housing)
  • Key C, Brown: DTSK06-1-08SC (Plug Housing), DTSK04-1-08PC (Receptacle Housing)

Performance Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C
  • Current Rating: 125 amps using 35mm2 wire
  • Maximum Voltage: 250VAC/VDC
  • Contacts accepted: Ø8mm contacts that are rated up to 125 amps
  • Immersion: IP68 & IP69K

DEUTSCH DTSK Connector Video Overview

DTSK Series Required Components

The DEUTSCH DTSK Series includes essential components for robust electrical connections in demanding environments. Plug and receptacle housings ensure secure and protected connections, while pin and socket contacts provide reliable electrical contact. Wire seals offer additional protection against environmental contaminants, and the mounting flange facilitates stable and secure attachment in various applications.

DTSK Pin & Socket Contacts

DTSK Wire Seals

DTSK Mounting Flange

DTSK Series Resources

DTSK Series Brief


DEUTSCH DT Family Catalogue


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