DEUTSCH HDP20 Series Connectors

DEUTSCH HDP20 Connector Benefits

The DEUTSCH HDP20 Series features heavy-duty, environmentally sealed connectors with a composite thermoplastic shell, perfect for applications vulnerable to chemical damage. Available in two shell sizes and nineteen configurations, these multi-pin connectors accommodate 2 to 47 cavities. They support various contact sizes and wire types within a single shell, providing versatility for diverse applications.


6-22 AWG (13.00-0.35 mm²)


thermoplastic housing

2 to 47


4 to 20

contact sizes

HDP20 Series Performance Specifications

HDP20 Series accepts contact sizes ranging from 4 (100 amps) to 20 (7.5 amps) and features a variety of cavity arrangements, from 2 to 47. These connectors are designed for both in-line and flange mounting, providing ease of installation and adaptability.

Featured Part Number(s)

  • Shell Size 18-6: HDP26-18-6SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-18-6PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-18-6SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-18-6PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 18-8: HDP26-18-8SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-18-8PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-18-8SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-18-8PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 18-14: HDP26-18-14SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-18-14PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-18-14SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-18-14PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 18-20: HDP26-18-20SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-18-20PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-18-20SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-18-20PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 18-21: HDP26-18-21SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-18-21PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-18-21SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-18-21PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-7: HDP26-24-7SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-7PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-7SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-7PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-91-P064: HDP26-24-91SN-P064 (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-91PN-P064 (Receptacle, Standard)
  • Shell Size 24-9: HDP26-24-9SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-9PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-9SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-9PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-14: HDP26-24-14SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-14PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-14SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-14PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-16: HDP26-24-16SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-16PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-16SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-16PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-18: HDP26-24-18SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-18PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-18SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-18PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-19: HDP26-24-19SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-19PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-19SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-19PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-21: HDP26-24-21SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-21PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-21SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-21PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-23: HDP26-24-23SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-23PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-23SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-23PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-29: HDP26-24-29SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-29PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-29SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-29PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-31: HDP26-24-31SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-31PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-31SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-31PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-33: HDP26-24-33SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-33PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-33SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-33PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-35: HDP26-24-35SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-35PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-35SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-35PE (Receptacle, Reduced)
  • Shell Size 24-47: HDP26-24-47SN (Plug, Standard), HDP24-24-47PN (Receptacle, Standard), HDP26-24-47SE (Plug, Reduced), HDP24-24-47PE (Receptacle, Reduced)

Performance Specifications

  • Temperature: Operates effectively from -55°C to +125°C.
  • Durability: No defects after 100 engagement cycles.
  • Vibration Resistance: Withstands up to 20 G’s across various frequencies.
  • Fluid Resistance: Resilient against most industrial fluids.
  • Insulation Resistance: Minimum 1000 megohms at 25°C.
  • Immersion: IP68 rated, ensures functionality under water.
  • Dielectric Voltage: Withstands up to 1500 volts AC with minimal leakage.
  • Thermal Cycle Resistance: Prevents damage in extreme temperature fluctuations.

HDP20 Series Accessories

The HD30 and HDP20 series provides a comprehensive range of modifications that enhance the versatility and create greater application-specific benefits. Options include breakaway plugs, adapters, and high amperage options.

C030 Modification

HBD Breakaway Plug

HD30 Boots

HDP20 Series Resources

HDP20 Series Brief


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