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LS Electric

Producing a comprehensive range of products with its own technology know-how and meeting the need for environmentally compatible solutions. LS Electric is taking off as a global leader in the field of electric power solutions. Using technology that it has accumulated over more than 30 years in the electric power industry. LS Electric develops, produces and supplies a whole range of products related to power plants, power transmission and distribution, equipment for electricity users, and electric power IT to overseas markets as well as within Korea.


Click below for the LS Electric products available at Dalroad:


LS Inverter Drives

LS Electrics (previously known as LG Industrial Systems and LS Industrial Systems), produce next generation low voltage variable speed drive (also known as inverter drives) solutions. LS inverter drives provide high performance, the perfect control and deliver optimum energy saving solutions. Ideal for controlling the speed of machine tools, fans and conveyor systems. The LS inverter range includes iG5A, iC5, iS7, S100 (IP20 and IP66), H100 and the M100. LS inverter drives are compliant with the European Machinery Directive for machine safety. Built with added value, user-friendly cutting-edge technology, LSIS produce low voltage, medium voltage and soft starters.


LS Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a general-purpose control device that automatically controls machinery, facilities and assembly lines by user-defined programs. LS PLCs have a variety of communication functions for sequence, motion and process control. Dalroad supply the LS XGT, XBC, XEC, XBM and InfoU.


LS Human Machine interfaces (HMIs)

XGT Panels developed with the Windows CE Platform provide user-oriented convenience, clear and realistic expressions, speedy data transmission and treatment, and software familiar to users. LS Electrics has applied an easy user interface, cutting-edge graphic technology, and other innovative technology that includes fast, stable network functions to XGT InfoU, an HMI-based software program.


LS Low Voltage Control Gear

Dalroad offer LS Susol and Metasol Series ACB, MCCB and Contactors & Overload Relays.