DEUTSCH DTM Series Connectors





Use multiple contacts

size 20

7.5 amp

each in one shell

DTM Series Connector Specifications

The DTM series enables the use of multiple size 20 contacts, each with a 7.5 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell.

Featured Part Number(s)

  • Numbering System: DT* 06 - 2 S * - ****
  • 2 Position: DTM06-2S (Plug), DTM04-2P (Receptacle)
  • 3 Position: DTM06-3S (Plug), DTM04-3P (Receptacle)
  • 4 Position: DTM06-4S (Plug), DTM04-4P (Receptacle)
  • 6 Position: DTM06-6S (Plug), DTM04-6P (Receptacle)
  • 8 Position – Key A: DTM06-08SA (Plug), DTM04-08PA (Receptacle)
  • 8 Position – Key B: DTM06-08SB (Plug), DTM04-08PB (Receptacle)
  • 8 Position – Key C: DTM06-08SC (Plug), DTM04-08PC (Receptacle)
  • 8 Position – Key D: DTM06-08SD (Plug), DTM04-08PD (Receptacle)
  • 12 Position – Key A: DTM06-12SA (Plug), DTM04-12PA (Receptacle)
  • 12 Position – Key B: DTM06-12SB (Plug), DTM04-12PB (Receptacle)
  • 12 Position – Key C: DTM06-12SC (Plug), DTM04-12PC (Receptacle)
  • 12 Position – Key D: DTM06-12SD (Plug), DTM04-12PD (Receptacle)

Performance Specifications

  • Temperature: Operating at temperatures -55°C to +125°C.
  • Durability: No electrical or mechanical defects after 100 cycles of engagement and disengagement.
  • Vibration: No unlocking or unmating, and no mechanical or physical damage after sinusoidal vibration levels of 20 G’s at 10 to 2000 Hz in each of the three mutually perpendicular planes. No electrical discontinuities longer than 1 microsecond.
  • Fluid Resistance: Connectors show no damage when exposed to most fluids used in industrial applications.
  • Insulation Resistance: 1000 megohms minimum at 25°C.
  • Immersion: IP68 rating.
  • Moisture Resistance: Properly wired and mated connections withstand immersion under three feet of water without loss of electronic qualities or leakage.
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: Current leakage less than 2 milliamps at 1500 volts AC.
  • Thermal Cycle: No cracking, chipping, or leaking after 20 test cycles from -55°C to +125°C.

Reference Dimensions (4 cavity)

  • Length: 30.10mm
  • Height: 17.65mm
  • Width: 15.24mm
  • Receptacle Length: 43.69mm
  • Receptacle Height: 19.61mm
  • Receptacle Width: 19.20mm

DTM Series Required Components

DEUTSCH DTM connectors necessitate secondary wedgelocks, available separately, for accurate contact positioning. These wedgelocks, designed for the DTM series, quickly fit into place at the mating interface and secure themselves during the mating process if they are not initially correctly positioned.

DTM Series Resources

DTM Series Datasheet


DT Family Datasheet


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