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TE Connectivity Kilovac LEV100 series is hermetically sealed and operates in explosive/harsh environments without oxidation or contamination of contacts, including long periods of non-operation. 8kV isolation between open contacts permits use for high voltage isolation and the contactor can carry 12, 24 and 48 VDC coils. The KILOVAC LEV100 Series is designed for power/motor control circuit isolation, circuit protection and safety in industrial machinery, automotive battery switching and backup applications.

LEV100 Series Contactor

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LEV 100 Series Contactor Party Numbers

Bottom Mount Models
3-1618389-7 – LEV100A4ANG 12Vdc coil 15”[.4m] leads
9-1618389-8 – LEV100A5ANG 24Vdc coil 15”[.4m] leads
3-1618391-7 – LEV100A6ANG 48Vdc coil 15”[.4m] leads

Side Mount Models
4-1618391-0 – LEV100A4ANH 12Vdc coil 15”[.4m] leads
4-1618391-1 – LEV100A5ANH 24Vdc coil 15”[.4m] leads
4-1618391-2 – LEV100A6ANH 48Vdc coil 15”[.4m] leads