With a global push to protect the environment and conserve energy, alternative fuel vehicles are driving demand for alternative energy vehicles. Manufacturers are constantly seeking for solutions to ensure the quality and safety of hybrid and electric vehicles – particularly for vibration and shielding performance – after years of development. The new IPT-HD power bolt series from TE Connectivity (TE) addresses the need with a revolutionary shielding design, easy mounting holes, and flexible assembly connectivity! The new IPT-HD power bolt high-voltage connector complies with ISO and LV standards and features a new shielding design, providing low-contact resistance and thicker options for conductor cross-sections used in MCU (Motor Control Unit), E-axle, and E-motor applications for renewable energy vehicles operating in harsh environments.

TE Connectivity IPT-HD Connector

Key benefits

  • MCU, E-axle, and E-motor applications

  • 50/70/95mm² conductor cross-sections

  • IP67, IP68 and IP6K9K sealing rated