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Mini K HV V23700

The Mini K HV supports the connection and disconnection of the traction battery in switching assemblies for hybrid and battery electric vehicles. Even under fault conditions, the Mini K HV reliably disconnects the precharge circuit from the traction battery for excellent safety. Our high voltage precharge relays, Mini K HV, operates safely with two arc extinguishing magnets. Its small package and PCB mount or plug-in terminals make it an easy choice for voltage levels up to 450VDC and precharge currents and limiting break currents up to 20 Amps.

Mini K HV V23700

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Product code V23700-C0001-A408 V23700-F0002-A408
Terminal/Encl. PCB, sealed S Plug-in, QC
Design Standard Standard
Coil without parallel resistor with parallel resistor
Contact type Standard Standard
Contact mat. Silver based Silver based
Arrangement 1 form X (NO DM) 1 form X (NO DM)
Part number 2-1904058-5 2-1904058-7