Hermetically sealed and designed for harsh environments and loads, KILOVAC EV202 high-voltage contactors from TE Connectivity (TE) offers exceptional performance in an extremely small and lightweight device. Available with 12 or 24-V coils, the contactors are suited to 270 and 400-VDC power systems.

Further information

They are available with two optional auxiliary contacts. High break levels—2000 A at 270 VDC and 700 A at 400 VDC—help increase system flexibility and reliability. EV202 contactors provide reliable and long-lasting performance in military and commercial electric ground vehicles, energy storage systems, and power distribution and motion control applications.

KILOVAC EV202 Contactor

Key benefits

  • Configuration: Two SPDT switch outputs

  • Voltage Rating, Main Contacts: 600 VDC, max

  • Nonoxidizing: No contact oxidation over periods of nonuse