AMP+ Manual Service Disconnect (MSD)

 TE's AMP+ manual service disconnect provides protection to service technicians and emergency response teams working with high voltage electric vehicles. The tool-free disconnect utilizes a finger-actuated, two-stage lever to open the HVIL circuit prior to separation of HV contacts. The disconnecting solution protects the battery pack HV cables from short circuiting. The disconnect is scalable and is available in a variety of fuse ratings. All of the HV conducting surfaces on the receptacle assembly are finger-proof and touch-safe. The disconnect is tested to 50 mating cycles and is RoHS compliant. The AMP+ manual service disconnect also meets USCAR-2, USCAR-37, and IEC 60529 standards and specifications.

Further information

    TE Connectivity MSD Part numbers


    Plug Assembly

    2103172-8 fuse rating 200A

    2103172-9 fuse rating 250A

    1-2103172-1 fuse rating 350A

    1-2103172-2 fuse rating 350A

    1-2103172-7 shunt

    1-2103172-8 fuse rating 200A

    1-2103172-9 fuse rating 250A

    2-2103172-2 fuse rating 350A

    2-2103172-7 shunt

    2-2103172-8 fuse rating 200A

    2-2103172-9 fuse rating 250A


    Receptacle Assembly

    1-1587987-1 fuse Rating 350A

    1-1587987-3 fuse Rating 250A with divider rib notch

    1-1587987-4 fuse rating 630A

    1-1587987-5 fuse Rating 350A with divider rib notch

    1-1587987-7 shunt

    1587987-8 fuse rating 200A

    1587987-9 fuse rating 250A


    Cover Assembly

    2103234-2 orange service cap

TE Manual Service Disconnect

Key benefits

  • Sealed

  • Finger actuated - 2 stage lever assist latching

  • No tool required to unmate

  • 2x integrated internal HVIL

  • Scalable design

  • Current rating determined by fuse selection and limited to 240 Amps maximum continuous current at 65C ambient temperature.

  • Fuse rating up to 630A

  • Shunt (no fuse) version available

  • USCAR-2, USCAR-37, IEC 60529, RoHS compliant

  • Tested to 50 mating cycles