AMP+ EVC 135 Main Contactor

TE’s EVC 135 main contactor provides fast and reliable switching of the high voltage battery to the vehicle system in hybrid and electric vehicles. The compact contactors offer 450 VDC and 135 Amps of continuous current carrying capabilities. The contactors are designed with 8kV of isolation between open contacts to increase battery robustness. The contactors also provide current switching capabilities in harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of contacts during long periods of non-operation. The configurable mounting orientation and custom connections allow customers to meet their packaging needs. The contactor features a mechanical life of 1 million cycles and is not position sensitive, so it can be mounted in almost any orientation.

Further information

Order Part Number Coil Ohms Wire Length Coil Termination Mounting
2203194-1 EVC135-4BNG 15.3Ω 6 in (150mm) Stripped Wire Bottom
2138011-1 EVC135-4ANG 15.3Ω 15 in (380mm) Stripped Wire Bottom
2138168-1 EVC135-4BNH 15.3Ω 6 in (150mm) Stripped Wire Side
2203120-1 EVC135-4ANH 15.3Ω 15 in (380mm) Stripped Wire Side
2098371-1 EVC135-5BNG 26Ω 6 in (150mm) Stripped Wire Bottom
2138622-1 EVC135-5ANG 26Ω 15 in (380mm) Stripped Wire Bottom
2203012-1 EVC135-5BNH 26Ω 6 in (150mm) Stripped Wire Side
2203012-2 EVC135-5ANH 26Ω 15 in (380mm) Stripped Wire Side
2138084-1 EVC135-6BNG 3.9Ω 6 in (150mm) Stripped Wire Bottom
2138603-1 EVC135-7BNG 96Ω 6 in (150mm) Stripped Wire Bottom
EVC135 Contactor

Key benefits

  • Contactor arrangement: Main contacts SPST–NO-DM (1 form X)

  • Voltage rating: 450VDC

  • Continuous current rating: 135A

  • Short term current rating (3min): 200A

  • Coil operation voltage: 12V, 24V

  • Coil resistance (+20 °C): 26Ω, 15.3Ω, 3.8Ω available for different pull-in voltage

  • Compact epoxy-sealed resin enclosure occupies about 65.5cm3 volume

  • Robust mounting plate with side or bottom mounting option for M4 screws

  • Inert gas filled contact chamber

  • Flying leads for coil connections

  • Load terminals threaded for M5 bolts

  • Mechanical life: 1 million cycles