PowerTube Connectors (PowerTube 1000 and PowerTube 1400)

Introducing the PowerTube Connector System, the High Voltage (500 A and 1000 V) platform by TE Connectivity.

Further information

Download the PowerTube Brochure

PowerTube (HVP-HD 1000 and HVP-HD 1400) is a brand new high voltage electric vehicle connector series from TE Connectivity. It represents a brand new, high power addition to TE Connectivity’s already-stellar lineup of connectors. TE has made the series specifically to handle large electrical loads– up to 500 A continuous current and 1000 V – while capable of suiting multiple wire sizes.

The modular design enables manufacturers to reduce their overall costs, by minimising inventory requirements, speeding up assembly times and reducing the number of individual components you need to-hand.

Circularly shielded, rugged, and vibration resistant.

PowerTube is IP6K9K rated, and tested to ISO 17750-3 vibration performance standards. It achieves this by using connector position assurance (CPA) and a high voltage interlock loop (HVIL), for each pin. It’s also fully shielded to provide maximum protection from EMI.

Simple, low-complexity design for easy assembly and maintenance.

PowerTube accepts up to 3 pins in a single header connector, while compatible with a large cable range – simplifying assembly design. It has a cube-shaped bus bar, which allows for easier tool access and multiple screw orientations. Unshielded (48 V) and shielded (high voltage) systems can be serviced with the same connector system.

Key benefits

  • Built for high current (500 A) and high voltage (1000 V) applications.

  • Made for commercial vehicle battery pack and powertrain systems.

  • Modular design reduces inventory costs and assembly complexity.