AMP+ EVC 250 Main Contactor

The EVC 250 contactor features larger contact gaps and optimized switching dynamics. It features high-performance arc suppressing magnets to effectively control the switching arc. The contactor achieves continuous current ratings of 250A, which ensures a safe short-circuit carry capability of 6,000A and complies with switching requirements in hybrid and electric vehicles. Service replacement due to pressure loss or gas leaking is no longer necessary.

Further information

Product code V23720-A0001-A001 V23720-A0002-A001
Cont. arrang. SPDT-NO-DM SPDT-NO-DM
Coil 12VDC 12VDC
Circuit No economizer Coil switch
Coil suppr. External >70V Internal
Prot. class IP54 IP54
Resistance Double coil 3/36Ω
Part number 2-1904058-5 2-1904058-7
TE EVC250 contactors

Key benefits

  • Compact high voltage main contactor

  • Works without pressurized contact chamber

  • Voltage rating up to 450VDC

  • 250A continuous current rating

  • Short circuit carry currents up to 6,000A

  • Limiting break currents up to 2,000A

  • Not position sensitive, can be mounted in any orientation

  • Available with dual coil (internal switch) and single coil (external pwm required)