DEUTSCH Connectors

DEUTSCH connectors have been in the industry for over 70 years and has been an integral part of the TE Connectivity brand since 2011. Well-known for their usage in the harshest and most extreme environments, DEUTSCH connectors are high-performance products developed for the aerospace, material handling, defence, automotive, agriculture, mining, construction, recreation, marine industries and more. These environmentally-sealed electrical connectors are used on applications from engines to braking systems and provide a firm, secure cable-to-cable connection, maintaining connector engagement in harsh environment applications, and withstanding both extreme temperature and moisture. The DEUTSCH connector range provides reliable connector performance for automotive transmissions to on-highway applications. The reputation of DEUTSCH’s industrial connectors in the market is why major off-highway manufacturers use DEUTSCH products. The DEUTSCH connectivity solutions available to purchase from Dalroad include AEC, DRB, DRC, DT, DTHD, DTM, DTP, DTV, HD10, HD30 and HDP20 connectors. As an official distributor of DEUTSCH products, here at Dalroad we also supply a range of contacts and accessories to maximise the performance of your DEUTSCH connector. Get price and delivery on the Deutsch connector range by emailing our sales team at or calling our internal sales team on 01582 505 252.