DT Detector Series

TE Connectivity‘s Detector connector is a part of the DEUTSCH DT connector series. The 2 way plug has a transparent housing and a wedgelock with an integrated 12 or 24 volt LED option. The environmentally sealed detector plugs transparent housing that provides a visual confirmation of power, to help with visually diagnosing in areas with difficult connector visibility and accessibility.

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DEUTSCH DT Detector Connector Part Numbers


Description Part Number
Plug, 2 way, LED, transparent Ultem material, reduced diameter seals, end cap DT06-2S-SDT-CE27
Plug, 2 way, LED, transparent Ultem material, reduced diameter seals DT06-2S-SDT-CE28
Wedgelock, LED, 12V, yellow W2S-SDT-12V
Wedgelock, LED, 24V, red W2S-SDT-24V
DT Detector

Key benefits

  • Integrated LED circuit on the wedgelock

  • Accepts all size 16 DEUTSCH contacts, solid or stamped & formed

  • Multi-directional viewing of LED through transparent housing

  • Colour coded wedgelocks for operating voltages, 12VDC (yellow) and 24VDC (red)

  • Joint retention fingers allow both contacts to be removed at the same time

  • Compatible with Pulse Width Modulated control