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TE KILOVAC K1K: leading the charge in compact, lightweight quality contactors

Dalroad is an authorised distributor of TE Connectivity products and their electro-mechanical relay specialist in the UK. TE Connectivity is a technology leader that designs and manufactures electronic connectors, components and systems built into vast range of products, making them smarter, safer, greener and more connected.

Contactors come in all shapes, sizes, standards and prices to match a myriad applications. Choosing the right contactor for the job can often be a compromise between quality and cost.

Usually UL or CSA approved, mass produced contactors used in consumer appliances, computers and the automotive sector usually feature unsealed plastic cases and are often simply function tested without the rigor of full parameter testing. Applications such as battery charging, energy storage and power distribution in harsh environments like aerospace, marine and military where performance, integrity and reliability are critical, demands another order of contactor quality.

Typically hermetically or environmentally sealed and ruggedised for harsh or hazardous environments, these high performance products are subject to rigorous testing and often carry mil-spec approvals (rather than UL/CSA). They also tend to be manufactured in smaller quantities, to higher standards and are therefore almost invariably more expensive than standard contactors.

Available in the UK from authorised distributor Dalroad, a notable example of this type of highly specified contactor is the KILOVAC K1K high-voltage contactor from TE Connectivity. Designed to handle up to 1000V/1000A in harsh or explosive environments, the K1K offers exceptional performance in new-technology higher voltage/current battery and energy storage applications, yet despite its high specification, is amongst the smallest and lightest contactors around.



Hermetically sealed for long-lasting performance without oxidation or contamination of contacts, even over long periods of non-operation, the small, lightweight KILOVAC K1K contactor is capable of bidirectional switching from 5 to 1000VDC and can be bottom or bus bar mounted in any position. The contactor also features an integrated dual-coil electronic economiser with internal suppression for optimum efficiency.

Ideally suited to carry and interrupt battery fault currents, power/motor control circuit isolation, circuit protection/safety, and energy storage/power distribution TE Connectivity’s KILOVAC K1K contactors tick all the boxes for performance, versatility, size and weight for use in charging stations, electric vehicles (including military), hybrid vehicles, solar farms and wind farms.

Also available in the UK from Dalroad, other next generation high performance TE Connectivity KILOVAC contactors include:



KHR500 high-voltage, high-rupture, 600 AMP contactor, the smaller, lighter more advanced replacement to the popular EV500 ‘BUBBA’. Hermetically sealed for use in harsh and explosive conditions, the KHR500 can handle inrush currents up to 4000A and is capable of bidirectional power switching; Typical applications – aerospace, ground vehicles, marine, solar, automotive and energy storage systems.


CAP120, a reduced size version of TE’s MAP and CAP series contactors offers exceptional performance for a device so compact and light with high break levels (1000A at 400VDC and 600A at 600VDC) further increasing system flexibility and reliability. Designed to deliver reliable, long-lasting performance in military ground, military/commercial aerospace, and marine environments, typical applications include energy storage systems, power distribution, high-current battery systems, lithium-ion battery systems and solar power.




KCS01 & KCS03 current-sensing high-voltage contactors are exceptionally small and lightweight. Despite their diminutive size, advanced features include bidirectional switching and integrated dual-coil electronic economisers with internal coil suppression. EMC compliant with no radiated coil emissions, they can be mounted in any orientation. Typical applications include energy storage/battery storage, power distribution, power motion control, high-voltage DC converter systems, alternative energy, military and commercial electric vehicles and test equipment.


KILOVAC, TE Connectivity and TE connectivity (logo) are trademarks.




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