TE Rail Antenna System Solutions

23rd March 2016  |  Rail

TE Connectivity’s (TE)  new MiMo and SiSo series Antenna are ergonomically designed solutions for High speed trains, Locomotives, Trams,  Buses, Coaches, Mass transit systems and  Heavy duty machinery.

In versions with a GPS module it is protected by an integrated gas discharge surge arrestor. Housed in a high impact, flame retardant Polycarbonate housing, the MiMo and SiSo Rooftop Antenna’s are weatherproof and environmentally sealed to IP67, ensuring that the antenna’s performance is never compromised.

MiMo Rooftop Antenna with GPS Datasheet
MiMo Rooftop Antenna without GPS Datasheet
SiSo Rooftop Antenna Datasheet

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