Innovations in electric vehicle battery technology for specialist vehicles

15th May 2021  |  Electric vehicle

If specialist electric vehicles have a heart, it’s probably the battery. The battery has the most important task, to propel the vehicle. For heavy, specialist vehicles, this can be quite a challenge – particularly for vehicles that have to perform into the hundreds of thousands of miles. Lithium-ion battery technology was the breakthrough that made the electric vehicle revolution possible. Today, these types of batteries have been optimized to deliver high performance at long range. In fact, many batteries are able to deliver up to 300 miles in range without the driver having to stop for a recharge. 

This is all very well, but with the rise of the specialist electric vehicle market – which includes heavy, long-range vehicles with additional requirements – the technology is going to have to get better, fast. In order to accommodate this growing industry, batteries will have to deliver at higher voltages, eventually at levels beyond the remit of traditional lithium-ion tech. In the whitepaper below, we take a look at battery technology; where it is now, where it may be tomorrow and at what the not-so-distant future might hold.

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