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Products Resembling Katko Oy’s Products Circulating in the Market

There have been instances where products resembling Katko Oy’s isolators/safety switches/enclosed load break switches have been found circulating in the market in Europe.

KATKO have been contacted by worried customers and partners about isolators/safety switches/enclosed load break switches that have a significant resemblance to KATKO’s original products but are not manufactured by KATKO.

Katko Oy’s Senior Manager of Q&A and Testing explains “we have decades-long experience in manufacturing quality electrical products, and we want no misconceptions in the markets regarding which product are indeed manufactured by KATKO and which are not”. Before installing a product, it is worth ensuring that the product in question is in reality manufactured by KATKO.

The products manufactured by KATKO are easily identified from their labelling. They should have either a KATKO label on the cover and/or on the side of the switch.

If you believe that you have acquired a counterfeit KATKO product please contact Anssi Lehtimaki on anssi.lehtimaki@katko.fi, with information regarding resembling products.

Dalroad is one of the authorised distributors of the Finnish isolator,  safety switches and Enclosed load break switch manufacturer, KATKO. Katko is a Finnish family business specialising in safety switches, load break switches and fused switches with more than 70 years of experience. We design and manufacture every product ourselves in our own factories. A high level of automation is part of Katko’s DNA that ensures a consistent quality level in our products.



Image 1: Katko’s original switch in the middle. This enclosure is used, for example, in following product ranges: KEM 10-40A, KUM 10-25A and PVM 16-32A. Switches on the left and right are resembling Katko’s products but are not manufactured by Katko.


For more information about KATKO visit: www.katko.com.

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