EKO D Connector

The TE Connectivity EKO D connector system is available in straight, 90º or T multi-pole derivation, shielded or not. The EKO D locking system has 2 captive screws. EKO D Series is dedicated for all main rolling stock power systems applications, and specially designed for harsh environment applications.

Further information

TE Connectivity EKO D Power Connectors

EKO D Applications

EKO D Functions

EKO D Standards

  • Traction power







  • Propulsion and Braking
  • Auxiliary power supply





  • EN 50467
  • NFF 61030
  • EN 45545
  • DIN 5510
  • UNICEI 11170
  • UL94
EKO D Connectors

Key benefits

  • Static and dynamic applications

  • Unshielded and shielded cables

  • Rated current: up to 800 A

  • Service voltage: 1500 V or 3000 V DC/AC

  • Withstand voltage: 9500 V

  • Vibrations and shocks: EN 61373 category 1B