New Polycarbonate and ABS Enclosure for Isolators and Safety Switches

2nd November 2021  |  Industrial Automation News

KATKO is releasing a new updated enclosure for their safety switch and isolator range. This enclosure will be supplied as standard for the KEM and KEM EMC 100-125A ranges, as well as other ranges upon request. This enclosure, known as the M4, will take the place of the U4 enclosure in the middle of November 2021.



  • 270x190x100 mm
  • Integrated quarter-turn screws for quick fastening of the cover
  • Easy mounting with multiple mounting options (corners and back wall)
  • Sealing option in each corner
  • Easy to install drilling holes on each side
  • Punchable condensation vents inside the enclosure
  • Cover and bottom frame can be attached with cable tie
  • IK Rating (Impact Protection): IK08 PC, IK07 ABS
  • IP Rating: PC IP66, ABS IP65

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