Electric Vehicle Contactors

At Dalroad, we are an authorised distributor of TE Connectivity’s products. This wide range of high-voltage electric vehicle contactors were innovatively made with technology developed for the harshest environments, making them capable of withstanding heat, vibration, pressure and other extremes. They are suitable for a number of high-voltage applications, including commercial vehicles and passenger cars, and provide safe disconnection and connection of the traction battery in hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, as well as on-board charging systems. We supply high-performance electric vehicle contactors which use the most up to date technology for a range of industries. Many contactors are filled with pressurised inert gas to support a quick extinguishing of switching arcs. However, by using innovative technology, TE’s latest electric vehicle contactors designs work with no inert gas, allowing an equalization of inside and outside pressure, which practically eliminates the risk of rupture in case of extreme arcing. For more information or if you would like a quote for any of our products, you can email sales@dalroad.com, call us on 01582 505 252 or get in touch using our contact form.

Authorised Distributor of TE Connectivity

EVC 80 Main Contactor

KILOVAC EV202 Contactors

KILOVAC EV202 Contactor

KILOVAC CAP120 Contactors

KILOVAC CAP120 Contactor

KILOVAC KCS03 Current-Sensing High-Voltage Contactor


KILOVAC KCS01 Current-Sensing High-Voltage Contactor



KHR500 HV 600 AMP Contactors

KILOVAC K1K High-Voltage Contactor

Kilovac 1000A/1000V (K1K) Contactor

AMP+ EVC 135 Main Contactor

AMP+ EVC 175 Main Contactor

EVC 175

AMP+ EVC 250 Main Contactor

TE EVC 250 contactors

KILOVAC EV200 Series Contactor

EV 200

AMP+ EVC 250-800 Main Contactor

evc 250-800

AMP+ EVC 500-500L Main Contactor


TE’s high-voltage contactors and relays use proven technology in an innovative manner and are suited for use in hybrid, full electric and fuel cell vehicles, as well as vehicle charging systems. These contactors enable safe disconnection and connection of the traction battery.