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Isolators Switches – Safety in the Workplace

A company dedicated to safety

KATKO, an industry-leading Finnish manufacturer, produces an extensive range of quality standard approved isolators, safety switches and accessories.

KATKO’s standard isolator and safety switches range from 10A to 630A and up to 1600A for special applications. Built for specialist markets including food production, air quality, heavy industry, hazardous and corrosive areas (ATEX/RINA certified), renewable energy and power distribution.

Safety in the workplace

Every employer wants to protect its workforce from the risk of electrical malfunction and unauthorised tampering with potentially hazardous electrical equipment and systems. Yet the old-fashioned isolator switches still used in many working environments undermine compliance with safety standards and pose risks to the safety and lives of employees.

Responsible institutions are switching to KATKO Safety Switches with their integrated interlocking mechanism which makes them impossible to override or bypass in the ‘PADLOCKED OFF’ position. KATKO Safety Switches have a full range of accreditations, including ATEX, FI, KEMA, CE, UL Listed, BBJ, ESC, RINA, and IEC, making them the switches of choice for factories, public and commercial buildings, hospitals, and hotels all over the world.

Easy installation

KATKO Safety Switches are easy and time-saving to install. Large terminal capacity is standard, and with handle and screws retained in the cover and fixing dimensions moulded into the base, handling could not be simpler. The plug-in switch is easy to remove and replace for quick cabling. With smaller switches, the switch can simply be ‘unplugged’ from the base for ease of wiring and then plugged back in. The auxiliary contacts simply snap onto the top of the switch and can be retrofitted without disturbing the main wiring. The switches include knockouts at the top and bottom for ease of cabling. Neutral and earth terminals are fitted as standard inside the enclosure of the 3-pole switch, and an earth terminal is fitted as standard in the 4-pole switch. The fixing centres are marked on the back of the switch housing.


Safety built-in

KATKO Safety Switches are completely ‘fit for purpose’, providing the optimal security and performance level for each and every installation:

  • All Safety Switches are interlockable in both the ‘ON’ and ‘PADLOCKED OFF’ position to prevent unauthorised access
  • Fuses are isolated at both sides when the switch fuse is in the ‘OFF’ position
  • All Safety Switches have 50kA short-circuit rating with correctly rated back-up fuses
  • All Safety Switches have an AC23 utilisation category and are rated to break at 8 times the full load motor current
  • Enclosures are rated at IP65 or IP66, terminals at IP20
  • All incoming and outgoing terminals are fully protected with insulating shrouds
  • Removable gland plates are fitted top and bottom on sheet steel enclosures

Katko Isolator Switch and Switch Fuse Range


KE Side Operated Aluminium Enclosed Switches 16-63A

KEF Firefighter Side Operated Aluminium / Polycarbonate Enclosed Switches 16-63A

KEA FR / FR3 Fire Rated Aluminium Enclosed Isolator 16-200A

KEM Polycarbonate Enclosed Isolators 10-630A

KEM ABS Enclosed Isolators 10-100A

KSM Side Operated Switches Polycarbonate Enclosed 16-25A

KER Stainless Steel Enclosed Isolators 16-1600A

KER R/RS Stainless Steel Enclosed Isolators 16-200A

KE Side Operated Switches Polycarbonate Enclosed 16-63A

KEM/KEA/KET EMC Protected Enclosed Isolators 16-630A

TKM Motor Control Switches 16-40A

TKM/KEM/KEA Changeover Switches 16-200A

KEA Aluminium Enclosed Isolators 25-250A

KET Sheet Steel Enclosed Isolators 16-1600A

PV Photovoltaic DC Switches

KEA/KER ATEX Isolator Switches 16-200A

Enclosed Switch Fuses 16-630A

TKA/KUT/KUM Bypass Switch For Frequency Inverter 16-100A

KU Load Break Switches 100-160A

KUE Load Break Switches 16-125A Toggle Switches

EVA Load Break Switches 80A-250A Toggle Switches

KKV Switch Fuses 16-32A

KVKE Switch Fuses 20-160A

KVKE Switch Fuses 200-630A

KU Load Break Switches 16-125A

VKA Load Break Switches 125-250A

VKE Load Break Switches 160-630A

Cable Connectors

Switches and Switch Fuses Accessories


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