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TKM/KEM/KEA Changeover Switches 16-200A

Polycarbonate (TKM, KEM) and the aluminium (KEA) changeover switches range from 16A to 200A. The Katko change over switches operate in a diverse range of temperatures and are resistant against UV and many chemicals.

KATKO Change-over Switches 16-160A


Katko Changeover Switch IK Ratings

KEM 10-40A in U2 enclosure: IK07

KEM 63-80A in U3 enclosure: IK07

KEM 100-125A in U4 enclosure: IK08

KEM 160-250A (C versions) in MF11 enclosure: IK08

KEM 200-400A in MF03 enclosure: IK08

KEA 10-40A in A2 enclosure: IK08

KEA 63-160A in A3 enclosure: IK08