The importance of vehicle lighting and wiping systems

3rd October 2019  |  Electric vehicle

With daylight getting shorter, the clocks due to go forward and the autumn and winter weather looming. It’s an important time to think about your vehicle’s visibility – to see and be seen!

In 2018, 15992 UK road accidents occurred in rain, snow or misty weather conditions and a total of 34200 accidents occurred at night*. The first thing you may think of for road safety is your vehicles headlights. Vehicle headlights are a crucial component to visibility, as it allows you to be able to see and help others to see you.


Ensuring headlights are functioning properly

As the days become shorter, vehicle lights play an important role in your visibility and safety. LED lamps are brighter than a standard halogen lamp, they increase visibility and use less energy cutting CO2 emissions.
Ensure they are all functioning correctly and consider installing LED lamps as your tail lights LED lamps burn brighter than normal halogen lamps, increasing your visibility, and they use less energy which means lower CO2 emissions.

Seeing the road clearly is vital for safe driving yet an alarming 7.2% of MOT failures are a result of issues affecting the driver’s view of the road. A blown bulb is one of the most common causes to fail a MOT, ensure headlights are functioning properly and not causing glare for oncoming traffic.


Poor visibility

An important part of driving is the visibility, a clean and clear view is crucial to road safety. Wiper systems is one of the most overlooked aspects of a clear visibility system. Given that almost all visibility is through the windscreen, the quality of your customers’ wiping systems are imperative. If a wiper blade is squeaking, the blade doesn’t glide smooth or leaves streaks of water the wiper blade needs to be replaced.

Once they are replaced, to help to maintain the wear of the of the wiper blade:
• Defrost the windshield in winter before using wipers
• Clean windshields

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*Reported road accidents in Great Britain. Provided by severity, geography, year, and additional filters.