DEUTSCH Industrial Electrical Connectors

2nd December 2019  |  Guides

Automotive connectors include both power connectors associated with wire vehicle harnesses as well as electronic connectors which are used in the automotive electronics and passenger restraint, security and passenger cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles.


The growing integration of automotive electronics including airbag systems, lane departure warning systems, and more are driving the growth in demand for automotive connectors.


Certain essential parameters include the operating temperature, IP rating, vibrations, shock, level of corrosion.


While the basic function of connectors is to provide electrical interconnections to complete the circuit, the type of connector system used is determined by a large number of non-electrical factors. First of all, it is necessary to consider mechanical requirements such as size, shape, mounting, mating and unmating force and frequency.


For each type of connector housing and electrical contacts, the environment has a major impact on the design and material chosen. For example, applications outside versus indoor may have a major impact on terminal design and the material used. The development and selection process is further complicated by environmental conditions such as temperature, temperature cycle, humidity, pollutants (solid, liquid and gaseous), shock and vibration and sealing.


Connection technology has evolved into a complex engineering discipline to satisfy these often contradictory requirements. Connection engineers ‘ job is to design the lowest-cost solutions that fulfil all specifications, which in fact also operate for cross-purpose purposes.


More than 70 years ago, TE Connectivity DEUTSCH connectors were introduced to the industry. These environmental-sealed electrical connectors were used in a variety of applications, including engine braking systems. Providing a solid, secure cable-to-cable connection in harsh environments, maintaining connector engagement, and withstanding extreme temperatures and moisture, these connectors provide a firm, secure connection. The DEUTSCH connector range provides reliable connector performance for automotive transmissions to on-highway applications. The reputation of DEUTSCH’s industrial connectors in the market is why major off-highway manufacturers across various industries use DEUTSCH products.


Dalroad supply a wide range of automotive connectors for nearly all automotive-specific environment applications. We supply world-leading connectivity solutions, designed to be tough and durable in even the harshest environments. As an official UK distributor of DEUTSCH, Dalroad stocks DEUTSCH industrial commercial and transportation connectors, wedgelocks and tooling.


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