Lighting and Signalling

Valeo has an extensive range of original quality products at its disposal due to its key position in the Original Equipment market. With the advantage of an international range for right-hand drive and left-hand drive vehicles, including 1,080 part numbers for main headlamps, 120 part numbers for auxiliary headlamps, 250 part numbers for front lamps and 370 part numbers in rear lamps, Valeo regularly extends its ranges and guarantees the availability of parts for new vehicles and new technologies developed for the OE market.

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Valeo Lighting & Signalling


The Light Emitting Diodes optronic components emit light by means of a transparent crystal which acts as a semi-conductor when activated.


Xenon system is characterised by the type of light emitted (resembling daylight) and by the light beams, which are stronger than those of a conventional halogen headlight.


Valeo Lighting & Signalling

Key benefits

  • 100% OE high-performance premium quality lights

  • Nearly 1 vehicle in 2 is fitted with Valeo lights or headlamps as Original Equipment

  • The latest technologies applied to the aftermarket

  • Xenon system

  • Optronic LED rear lights