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LS Electric H100

The LSLV-H100 sets the standard for the drive industry. Environmentally friendly water treatment and Fan and Pump systems incorporate the outstanding energy-saving benefits of the LSLV-H100 for fans and pumps. LSLV-H100 drives include a user-friendly keypad designed exclusively for the Fan and Pump market and satisfy various needs of customers. With reinforced system-based functions and performance, LSLV-H100 drives provide optimum energy saving solution to applications for cooling/heating and water treatment.

H100 Inverter Drive

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LSLV-H100 drives are intelligent drives equipped with various protective and operation functions for continuously stable operation in response to external environmental changes.


LSLV-H100 Key Features

Soft Fill Operation; Start Ramp & End Ramp; Dec Valve Ramp; Multi Motor Control; Scheduling (Time Event: Real Time Clock); Flow Compensation; Energy-saving Display (Payback Counter); Power-on Resume; Sleep, Sleep Boost, Wake-up; Lubrication Control; Damper Control; Detection of Pipe Broken; Level Detection; Pre-Heat; Under Load Protection; Macro Setting; KEB, Kinetic Energy Buffering; Pump Clean; Aux Motor PID Compensation; Load Tuning; Fire Mode