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LS Electric G100

The G100 is the solution for general drives applications because of its high-performance sensorless operation, premium quality and high reliability. Easy to install, use and maintain it is suitable for most applications. Built-in EMC Filter as standard; embedded C3 EMC filter to meet EN618000-3 standards and provide noise reduction. The G100 drive has an advanced sensorless vector mode along with highly adaptable V/F mode making it one of the versatile drives on the market.

G100 Inverter Drive

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Motor rating 3-Phase 200V 3-Phase 400V
0.4kW LSLV0004G100-2EONN LSLV0004G100-4EO(F)N
0.75kW LSLV0008G100-2EONN LSLV0008G100-4EO(F)N
1.5kW LSLV0015G100-2EONN LSLV0015G100-4EO(F)N
2.2kW LSLV0022G100-2EONN LSLV0022G100-4EO(F)N
4kW LSLV0040G100-2EONN LSLV0040G100-4EO(F)N
5.5kW LSLV0055G100-2EONN LSLV0055G100-4EO(F)N
7.5kW LSLV0075G100-2EONN LSLV0075G100-4EO(F)N