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HD10 Series

The HD10 is an environmentally sealed, thermoplastic cylindrical connector series and offers arrangements from 3 to 9 cavities. All HD10 connectors are available either in-line or flanged and accept size 12 or 16 contacts, or a combination of size 16 and size 4 contacts. The HD10 Series is heavily used for diagnostic connectors, eliminates problems associated with assembly and maintenance time, and is designed for long service life.

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TE Connectivity’s industrial and commercial transportation connectors are available in a variety of materials, shapes, wire gauge options, cavity counts and mounting options to suit a wide range of applications. TE’s reference guide to TE Connectivity’s industrial & commercial transportation connectors and accessories.




HD10 Series Part Numbers


Here are some of the common part numbers in the HD10 series. Several additional connectors may be available.


Contact Size

Rear Threads

Plug Receptacle Inline Receptacle Flange




no HD16-3-16S HD14-3-16P
yes HD16-3-96S HD14-3-96P HD10-3-96P
4 4/16 yes HD16-4-4S HD10-4-4P
5 16 no HD16-5-16S HD14-5-16P HD10-5-16P
6 16 yes HD16-6-96S HD14-6-96P HD10-6-96P
6 12 yes HD16-6-12S-B010 HD14-6-12P HD10-6-12P
9 16 no HD16-9-16S HD14-9-16P HD10-9-16P
yes HD16-9-96S HD14-9-96P HD10-9-96P
9 (1939) 16 yes HD16-9-1939S HD14-9-1939P HD10-9-1939P